Managing partner and founder Andre Pienaar will also join a plenary session during the Forum, a UK Government-sponsored event in New York on the HMS Elizabeth


Artificial intelligence and its role in cyber security will be a key topic during the Forum, which gathered senior members of the UK & US Governments and international business leaders


London, 20th October 2018 – C5 Capital Limited (“C5”), the specialist venture capital firm focused on investing in cloud computing, cyber and artificial intelligence, announces managing partner and founder Andre Pienaar will take part in the inaugural Atlantic Future Forum (“the Forum”), being held on Monday, 22nd October in New York. The Royal Navy’s new flagship, the HMS Queen Elizabeth will host the joint drive between the UK and US to outpace adversaries on the cyber battlefield. During the Forum, Andre will also participate in the plenary session ‘How artificial intelligence will shape the world of the future.’ He will also sign the new Atlantic Future Forum Accord (“the Accord”).

The Forum will bring US and UK industry and military together in the face of changing warfare and the fight against growing cyber threats, both at home and abroad. It will combine the brightest minds, innovators and tech entrepreneurs from across government and industry to collaborate on the changing cyber landscape Britain and its allies now face. The Forum will be an opportunity to explore the emerging trends and technologies that will dominate the world ahead and to cement the leading role that the UK and US will jointly play in shaping them. They will be joined by political leaders, policy makers and sector specialists.


Andre will also be a signatory of the Accord, a commitment from the UK and US to work with a new committee of firms in cyber and artificial intelligence to ensure that the ‘special relationship’ remains the world leading partnership for cyber security, defence and artificial intelligence amid a climate of rapidly changing threats. It will be signed by both Government and industry experts, providing a future framework for cooperation between UK and US industry and military on cyber and artificial intelligence. The committee will form a sub-committee of the UK Board of Trade and will be supported by the UK Department for International Trade. The Accord features a commitment to meet again in a year’s time for a follow-up summit, which will become an annual event.


Andre Pienaar, managing partner and founder, C5 Capital said, “The Atlantic Future Forum will be a historic event, bringing together not only the US and UK Governments, but also some of the world’s leading technology and cyber security companies. Recent years have seen rapid growth in the percentage of the world’s population that is online, and the Forum recognised the need for investment and careful consideration of how we protect internet users. It’s crucial that we make the online world as safe as we’re making our physical world. We are honoured to be a part of this first meeting and are looking forward to providing our expertise and global reach as we continue to work with some of the world’s leading organisations in this crucial area.”


General (Ret) Keith Alexander, former Director of the National Security Agency (“NSA”) and Chief of the Central Security Service (“CSS”), as well as founder and CEO of C5 portfolio company IronNet Cybersecurity, will also attend the Forum. He will be speaking at a panel session entitled How do we gain decision advantage through cyber security and develop the policies we need?


Gen. Keith Alexander, IronNet Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, IronNet said, “Cyber has become an element of National Power. It is important that we employ the latest technologies, rules and procedures to ensure the security of Governments, commercial entities and individuals.  This inaugural Forum, which truly is ‘hands across the water’, is a historic and important occasion for both governments and private business. I’m extremely pleased to be a participant, and to see so many other senior business leaders and government officials discussing topics of such high importance.”

The Forum is part of the QNLZ in NYC Expo: a series of themed events designed to showcase the Government’s ‘Global Britain’ agenda and to celebrate the special relationship between the UK and US. The day will include a number of plenary sessions and meetings organised by The UK Department of International Trade.


In addition to the plenary and expert sessions, the Forum will also include keynote addresses from the Rt. Hon Dr. Liam Fox, MP, UK Secretary of State for International Trade; Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as an evening reception hosted by Captain Jerry Kid, Commanding Officer of HMS Queen Elizabeth. Dr. Fox will also present the Board of Trade Awards.


Pictures of the event and videos of the speeches will be available from the Royal Navy following the event.



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