Former SBD Advisors to rename following acquisition by ITC Secure in April 2018

Washington D.C., 1st June 2018: ITC Secure (ITC), the assured IT, cyber advisory and managed security service provider (MSSP) and C5 portfolio company has announced that SBD Advisors (SBD), the Washington D.C.-based strategic advisory firm, will be renamed ITC Global Advisors. The new name follows the April 2018 acquisition of SBD by ITC.

Admiral Mike Mullen will remain Chairman throughout the renaming, which will serve to further the integration of the former SBD Advisors into ITC’s advisory practice alongside the G3 Cyber Consulting team, which ITC also acquired in January 2018. Admiral Mullen has been in this role since the inception of the Company in 2013.

Additionally, William ‘Chip’ Colbert has been appointed managing director of the new ITC Global Advisors and will work closely with Admiral Mike Mullen and ITC in the direction of both the new company and the ITC advisory practice as a whole. He will also develop and launch new cyber advisory services to customers in the US, UK and Europe, building on existing expertise in serving fast-growing technology companies to improve clients’ ability to anticipate and manage cyber incidents.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman, ITC Global Advisors said, “Being a part of the ITC and C5 family is very important to us and this renaming is a key step in further integration into the Group. The ITC brand is synonymous with high quality, cutting-edge holistic consultancy and solutions-based offerings, which complement our services perfectly. Today marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for us, completing the journey that we began in January, 2017 when founder Sally Donnelly left what was then named SBD Advisors and returned to government service. William ‘Chip’ Colbert will be a strong managing director and I’m looking forward to seeing where he and ITC take us in the coming years.”

William Kilmer, Executive Chairman, ITC Secure said, “Our acquisitions in 2018 have been key steps in further solidifying the ITC brand, not only in our home territories, but globally. Further aligning the brand identities of these new, welcome additions to ITC is central to our philosophy of growing together as one unit and we’re very pleased to once again welcome the new ITC Global Advisors into the fold as the US representatives of ITC.”


About ITC Global Advisors

ITC Global Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that specializes in connecting private sector innovation with national security challenges. Headquartered in Washington DC, SBD utilizes a global network of senior advisors and experts to give its clients unparalleled access to the insight and experience of former government officials and corporate leaders.