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On behalf of C5, SAP NS2 and AWS we are delighted to share with you our Annual Impact Report for the PeaceTech Accelerator for 2018.

C5 and our US investors have financed the creation of PeaceTech Accelerator since its inception in 2017 to support the mission of the USIP and the PeaceTech Lab.

With the support of friends and our partners we have scaled the PeaceTech Accelerator in a tough and challenging environment for startup accelerators in Washington DC against the odds. A community of trust and a global network have been built around the PeaceTech Accelerator across investors, partners, mentors and PeaceTech entrepreneurs that are now rooted in Washington and on the Hill and that is unique.

We are pleased to share with you that for our next cohort of startups (Cohort 6) the PeaceTech Accelerator received more than 300 applications from 47 countries. This places the PeaceTech Accelerator in 2019 in the top echelon of accelerators worldwide and in Silicon Valley.

To date, 38 startups from 28 countries have passed through the accelerator empowering a new generation of PeaceTech entrepreneurs with 42 percent of our founders being female.

We pay tribute to the courage and resilience of these young entrepreneurs from conflict zones who are working tirelessly to make a difference by unlocking the power of cloud innovation and AI for peace. As you will see from our report, they tell their own story.

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our friends, team, partners and to the USIP leadership and Board with the USIP International Advisory Council for all their tremendous support to bring the PeaceTech mission to life.