About the Event:

The Atlantic Council’s Clean Energy Conference in Istanbul on October 10-11, 2022 convened leaders from government, business, and research communities to discuss clean, secure, and sustainable energy developments.

With global electricity demand projected to double by 2050, the nuclear industry is seeking a new approach to designing, building, and commercializing nuclear energy technologies.

The following panel focused on the role nuclear reactors can play in sustainably meeting electricity demand in developing countries, and was moderated by GEC deputy director Olga Khakova. André Pienaar, founder and chief executive of C5 Capital, noted the need for secure nuclear supply chains given Russia’s increasing influence over nuclear energy resources.

Featured Speakers:

André PienaarFounder and Chief Executive, C5 Capital

Ana BirchallSpecial Envoy for Strategic and International Affairs, Nuclearelectrica

Serdar ÇetinkayaDeputy Commercial Attache, Energy and Mining, U.S. Embassy Ankara

Moderator: Olga KhakovaDeputy Director for European Energy Security, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council