It is our sincere pleasure to kick off our second year of the Shield in the Cloud program by sharing with you our whitepaper.

The whitepaper is a summary of the discussions, leading thinking and impactful innovations that all formed part of our inaugural Shield in the Cloud program, In partnership with AWS, PeaceTech Lab and SAP NS2, the program uncovered, highlighted and supported ways in which technology was driving a change in critical thinking on how to tackle corruption, a core destabilizing factor in the peace of every nation. Innovation promoting transparency, accountability and compliance is visible within startup communities, non-profit organizations, large corporations and even Governments. We are proud that our annual Shield in the Cloud program stimulates the type of collaborative thinking needed to bring about change.

We are now open for applications for this year’s program so please forward on to anyone you feel would be interested in being part of this movement.

We hope you enjoy reading it.


Andre Pienaar
Founder, C5